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They Hide Things
For A Reason. Here
Are The Reasons.
Are Your Union
Dues Fair?
New Members Get
Fair Dues From
Local 500,
Why Not You?
Leading The Fight
For Your Future
There Are Some
Things We Can
All Agree Upon
We Need More
Wins at Local 500

81 Building Service
Employees Fired...

Is Your Voice
Being Heard?
New About
Local 500 Vote


Livable Wages

We need livable wages for every supporting service employee. Let's stop debating about 2 or 3 or 4 per cent raises Our work should allow us to live in this county.

Retirement in Dignity

We need credit for all hours worked and all money earned at MCPS, a full year's pension credit for a full school year=s work, and better retirement health care benefits.

Strong Representation for You

We will ask members what they want in bargaining, keep members informed during bargaining, and show them all the language before we ask for a vote.

We will reestablish strong grievance representation, prompt responses to your questions to the union, and frequent reports about our grievance and field staff.

Our Raises Will be the Same as Yours

STOP the 15% raise bargained by the Local 500 President for herself, while you received 2%.

Job Security

Our union has again allowed 3 hour workers in food service, temporary workers in security and transportation, and over 100 jobs to remain open in building service. Our union must lead the fight to assist these abused workers and protect our jobs and benefits.

Fair Dues

We will reinstate the Fair Dues Committee to recommend a fair dues structure based on the wages and hours of members. We will make sure the proposal comes to a vote of the members so we can have fair dues that everyone can afford..


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