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Brett King

For Paraeducator Chapter Vice President

We are the heart, lungs, muscles, and bones of this living giant called Montgomery County Public Schools. And it is time Central realized they can't survive without us!

My name is Brett King, a 22 year old Special Education Paraeducator at Winston Churchill High School. For too long I have witnessed my Supporting Service brothers and sisters be mowed over without the necessary power to fight back. It's time that changed.

Those who know me know I am unafraid to stand up for what is right or to question when something seems amiss. To some this may be off-putting, but I see it as an unwavering protective sensibility, not just for myself, but also my mother (a Chevy Chase Elementary Paraeducator) and my numerous friends and colleagues Countywide.

As Pareducator Chapter Vice President I would focus my tenacity on:

  • Ensuring the security of hours and an end to arbitrary cuts;
  • Making it so that the costs and time for job related training and education are not paid for out of pocket;
  • Making Local 500 dues are fair to all, and not just to those at the upper ends of the of the pay scale.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I would fight the Administration as far as necessary to see that all Supporting Service personnel are shown the respect and courtesy that we deserve!

Are you ready to have your voice heard and your obstacles overcome? If the answer is AYES@, vote Brett King for Paraeducator Chapter Vice President.


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