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Virgil Hottinger

For Maintenance Vice President

My name is Virgil Hottinger. I have been in Maintenance as an electrician since 1994. Are you tired of being underpaid and working out of a worn out fleet of trucks? Would you like to have additional training as our schools have been brought up to the 21st century and have become more complex? I want higher wages so we can afford to live in Montgomery County, have less commute to work each day, and more family time. I will work hard to improve our truck fleet so we have decent vehicles to work out of. I would like to see maintenance become more of a family where we are kept informed and have an important input. Montgomery County public schools have the most caring employees for our schools, so we need to keep high standards of craftsmanship. I would like for us to have more helpers in our trade positions that can learn a trade on the job and in school and have an opportunity to advance. Have you ever been called out on an emergency during the middle of the night or during a weekend? I want us to have a partner due to safety concerns in case someone should get hurt or a medical emergency. I want better medical , eye, and dental insurance, and to pay less for prescriptions instead of more. We should pay our dues on a percentage basis of what our salary is. If you want positive changes, then please give me your support.


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