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Sandra Watson

For Media and Technology Vice President

My name is Sandra Watson. I am running for Media and Technology VP on the FightBack500 Team.

I am part of the FightBack500 team because I believe Stephen Poor provides our Union strong, effective, and experienced leadership that answers only to our members, without fear or awe of the MCPS administration.

I have been a vocal and active voice for Media and Technology members of Local 500. I have experienced the challenge to rear a family as a 10 month employee first hand. I want to continue the fight for recognition of our work in better pay, pensions, and benefits for 10 month employees.

Along with a strong committee and an involved membership, I led the fight for reclassification of Media Assistants when everyone said we could not succeed . Our persistence paid off. I will bring that same persistence to the struggles for affordable health care, better pensions, and protection of Media jobs and hours. As in the past, I will listen to your ideas and needs, and make sure they get to the leadership when decisions are made. My term on the Executive Board included the largest pay raises in a decade, more chances for stipend work, upgrades for many employees, the first labor management committees, and an end to attempts to contract out our work. We can update and continue this list of achievements with your support.

Please vote for Sandra Watson for Media and Technology VP and for the rest of the FightBack500 Team.


You can send comments or ideas for future issues to info@Fightback500.com. We want to hear from you.


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