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Patricia Tetlow

For Food Services Vice President

My name is Patricia Tetlow. I am running for Food Service Vice President on the FightBack500 ticket. In 15 years at MCPS, I have been a permanent Sub, the Manager of Cabin John Middle School, and the manager of Earle B. Wood Middle School, where I am today.

We need new blood in the Union. I will have cluster meetings at every high school to find out your concerns and problems. Meetings will be held by 2:30 PM, so those of you who have to work a second job can attend.

I will reinstate negotiations for NO more 3 hour workers. It was dropped when Merle Cuttitta took office. I will work on ending work off the clock, on giving us more time to train our employees properly, and for ordering and training on line. We need training programs in multi-languages. With staff from every part of the world, we need to have training materials in their languages.

Step back and look what the last three years have brought you and what the three next years will bring under the same leadership. Our raises are nothing compared to the living cost of Montgomery County. 2% and 3% increase are an insult when the President of the union is getting 15%. The Drug Benefit package is not geared to us. It is very beneficial to someone who is making $20, 000 more than we are a year.

We need to take back our Union!!

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