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Pat Warren

For Paraeducator Vice President

"Changes are never easy, but when they are for common good they always have a positive affect".

My name is Pat Warren. I am running for Vice President of the Paraeducators Chapter. It's time for changes with our union to secure the benefits not only Paraeducators deserve, but that all supporting services are entitled.

I have worked as a Special Education Paraeducator in Montgomery County Schools for twelve years, working nine years with elementary school aged children in the School Community Based Program. The last three years I have worked with children in the K-1 Learning and Academics Disabilities Program. I also have two daughters that have graduated from MCPS, so my involvement in the system is extensive as is my awareness to the needs of staffing.

If elected as Vice President of the Paraeducators, I would work for changes that are essential to support the cost of living in our area:

  • Wages and raises that allow us to live in the County;
  • Training sessions that are required should be on paid time. This is an issue I feel the union should address and has not thus far;
  • Paraeducators need to feel secure that their assignments are established with the knowledge that year to year cuts in hours will not occur;
  • When MCPS requires certification of Paraeducators payment for such certification should be from MCPS not out of the pocket of the Paraeducator.

Vote for Pat Warren and the rest of the FightBack500 Team.


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