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Manuel Dean

For Trustee

My name is Manuel Dean. I will make sure that the views of newer members of the union, and members who have not been involved before are heard. I have visited dozens of schools, and I know we need to reach out to our evening workers more often and our Spanish speaking members in their own language.

I know how hard members struggle to live in this county and send their children to its schools. I want to be sure the union remembers our needs for reliable health care, and pensions that ensure our dignity in our older years. I want to begin to raise our standards so we achieve a livable wage for all our members.

I am part of the FightBack 500 Team to help our union become more open in its information to members, have meetings where all members have a chance to attend, and return strong representation when we have grievances.

My college courses have given me the skills I need to do the job of Trustee and my work in MCPS has given me the experience. I have been an active participant in the union as a liason at my school, a loud voice for fairness in our jobs, and a consistent reminder to our union officers that they need to visit and talk to members often.

I will keep this up while I am Trustee.

Vote for Manuel Dean for Trustee and for the FightBack500 team.


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