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David Shipe

For Security Vice President

Security Assistant Gaithersburg High School
Years with School Board 20 years

I am running on the ballot with Stephen Poor, as the representative for Security. Our goals, along with Stephen Poor, will be trying to get the Union back to fairly representing all union members.

Having been with the school system for a long period of time, and have seen in the past how the union has worked for the employees; I want to see it get back on task, so that no one is left out, and no questions go unanswered.

My responsibility will be working with all security personnel in regards to any questions, and to help support security with any problems that need to be addressed. This will make a better working environment as a whole. If any questions arise don't hesitate to call me, and I will do my best to get back with you as soon as possible.

I will make sure all bylaws are covered by protocol in regards to any issue. One issue that usually comes up is what priority we have when security is asked to go off school property to get students, and bring them back to school. Will MCPS cover us off property? This is a tough question, and we need to get the proper answer to cover ourselves.

We are dealing with all of our livelihoods, pay raises, health benefits and job security. So therefore use we all have a need to work together and bond as a strong union not separated.

We need everyone to vote if we want to Fight Back.


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