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Clement A. Lynch

For Transportation Vice President

Clement A. Lynch, MCPS School Bus Driver since 1983, from Bethesda Depot (Bus #79) For Transportation VP.

I served on both the Labor Management and 40 hour Committees for two years under the previous administration (Stephen Poor's Administration). During those two years we worked hard to make sure that all employees got paid for all hours worked.

As Transportation Vice President I'll work hard to see that:

  1. Wages support the cost of living in Montgomery County;
  2. Reclassification for Bus Drivers and Attendants recognizes the responsibilities of our jobs;
  3. Additional salary steps and longevity increases are added for bus drivers and attendants;
  4. All hours worked, including summer work, count toward pension payments;
  5. Fair Dues that are based on wages and income comes to a member vote;
  6. There is an end to LWOP for unexpected emergencies;
  7. Union reps visit the depots at least once a month at a scheduled times, such as 9am or 1pm;
  8. MCPS gives MCPS trained Attendants all their work back, such as mid day work and community based work.
  9. There is an end to prejudice in handing out work;
  10. We start a campaign for early morning day care for Transportation employees.
  11. Early morning day care is studied for all Transportation employees.

Please vote for me and the rest of the FightBack500 slate this election.


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