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Bruce Abbott

For Transportation Vice President

My name is Bruce Abbott, and I am in my twelfth year with M.C.P.S. I want to make sure we get the best service and support from our Union. I started as a perm sub at Randolph bus depot, then won a bid for a permanent run at Shady Grove. I drove a special education run for approximately five years. I then went into the training unit at Shady Grove depot for the last six years. I have enjoyed the chance to meet and work with a great deal of Transportation employees, because it gave me insight to the need for better working conditions and pay in Transportation. I want to be sure Attendants receive permanent status when they are hired so they can have their benefits, and that Bus Operators can get locked in hours. I believe I can make a difference in the Transportation Department . Please vote for me, to represent you, on your union board.


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