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They Hide Things
For A Reason. Here
Are The Reasons.
Are Your Union
Dues Fair?
New Members Get
Fair Dues From
Local 500,
Why Not You?
Leading The Fight
For Your Future
There Are Some
Things We Can
All Agree Upon
We Need More
Wins at Local 500

81 Building Service
Employees Fired...

Is Your Voice
Being Heard?
New About
Local 500 Vote
  • We need to be asked what we want in our contract
  • We need to see the contract language before we vote on it.
  • We need better bargaining that keeps us informed during the process.
  • We need to win back the giveaways bargained last fall.
  • We need communications in time to make a difference in the decisions of our union.
  • We need better visibility of Local 500 in the community and press.
  • We need our web site to post communications and meeting reports.
  • We need to VOTE ON our union's organizing, political, and bargaining plans.
  • We need leadership in our union that can brings us a plan to achieve these goals.

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