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They Hide Things
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Are The Reasons.
Are Your Union
Dues Fair?
New Members Get
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Local 500,
Why Not You?
Leading The Fight
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There Are Some
Things We Can
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We Need More
Wins at Local 500

81 Building Service
Employees Fired...

Is Your Voice
Being Heard?
New About
Local 500 Vote

Without better representation you could be next, so let's get better leadership at Local 500.

Workers fired after 30 years of superior evaluations because of a single complaint by a school renter... fired for taking one a piece of equipment placed in trash for removal....demoted for supposed attendance issues when the rest of his shift was leaving early. This needs to stop!

We all know that there is no reason to fire 1 out of every 12 building service employees. But our union leaders still cannot decide what to do. Where is our representation? Why do we not receive calls back from our union? Why are we told : there is nothing we can do? Why do we hear : MCPS has the right to do that?

We already know what to do:

Last summer was an awful experience for most building service employees:

not enough staff
a short summer work period
too many summer events in the schools
extra work from ICB, computer changeovers, construction, and renovation
no help from Facilities Management


We needed leadership to fight for more staff, more time, better summer rental schedules, and assistance in fighting over scheduling of buildings during this summer. Instead no one visited, no one helped, no one led the fight.


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