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Stephen Poor President
Curtis Kimmons Executive Vice President
Robert Bishop Building Service VP
Angel Delgado Building Service VP
Bruce Abbott Transportation VP
Clement Lynch Transportation VP
Patty Tetlow Food Services VP
Virgil Hottinger Maintenance VP
David Shipes Security VP
Sandra Watson Media And Technology VP
Carrie Addison Office Employees VP
Brett King Paraeducator VP
Pat Warren Paraeducator VP
Tim Bell Trustee
Manuel Dean Trustee

Welcome to the web site about union issues by Local 500 members. We want to share ideas, facts, and opinions about our union, our jobs, and our needs at work.

The events of the past six months have changed the situation and the debate within Local 500. We must end the arguments about 2 or 3 or 4 pr cent raises. None of them make enough difference in the lives of supporting service workers at MCPS. Our efforts must be aimed at goals that matter more to the daily lives of our members.

Our members average less than $30,000 per year. Even 12 month supporting service employees average under $40,000 a year at MCPS. Ten years ago we fought to bargain raises that beat the rate of inflation. Now we must think and act for bigger goals that mean more to our members:

  • We need wages that allow us to live in Montgomery County and send our children to the schools we make work.
  • We need retirement benefits that allow us to retire in dignity and stay near our families
  • We need adequate staffing and the resources to do our jobs
  • We need job security, with stable hours and protection from arbitrary cuts and surplussing.
  • We need Strong representation in our grievances and work site problems
  • We need FAIR DUES that are based on our wages and hours.
  • We need officer that tell us all the facts in time for us to make decisions about our choices.
  • We need the economic future of our Union officers and staff tied to the success of our members.

Stephen Poor will NOT keep the raises that result from the new grades contained in our latest contract. He will give the raises back to the Local. His raises will be tied to those of the members.

We welcome your thoughts on our campaign.
Please write us at: info@fightback500.com.

Please be sure to vote in May.

You can send comments or ideas for future issues to info@Fightback500.com. We want to hear from you.


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