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Contact: Heather Freeman

Austin Grill Chooses Alternative Energy for a Cleaner Environment by Switching to 100% Wind Power at All Six Locations

Washington, D.C. (June 4, 2003)—Chris Patterson, COO of Austin Grill is excited to announce the company's decision to convert to 100% wind generated energy at all six area restaurant locations. Austin Grill will be the first multi-unit restaurant company in the nation to be totally powered by wind, and one of only a handful of Washington area businesses that are turning to the alternative power source to supply their energy needs. Austin Grill's 100% commitment will increase their power bill approximately $40,000 each year.

"Austin Grill's decision to support and promote wind energy is a serious step for cleaner air in and around the nation's capital. It is an important and necessary investment. We feel this is a great way to continue to give back to the community that has supported us so well over the past 15 years." said Patterson. "Unlike "Green" energy created by wind, power plants generate harmful carbon and nitrogen byproducts that are damaging not only to the air we breathe, but also the waterways which surround our community. Our move to energy derived from wind provides the equivalent of planting over 200,000 trees or removing 280 automobiles from the area roadways. We hope our 100% commitment to clean energy will inspire neighboring residents and local businesses to follow our lead, even if they opt to use only a small percentage of their power to be derived from wind."

Mountaineer Wind Energy Center, located in Thomas, West Virginia will be generating the power to run all six of Austin Grill's area locations. This wind farm, operated by Community Energy Services, Inc., has 44 wind turbines that generate enough power to support approximately 22,000 homes. Austin Grill's commitment will utilize approximately 75% of one turbine's yearly capacity with the addition of the company's newest location in Silver Springs, MD scheduled to open in November of 2003.

Starting in July, Austin Grill will encourage patrons to join them in their Green Energy efforts by taking advantage of Washington Gas Energy Services' (WGES) summer savings program, offering wind-generated power from Community Energy, Inc. This program allows customers to save on their power bill this summer by opting for 5% of their average kilowatt usage to be supplied by wind.

Increased consumer demand for wind power will eventually bring down the price for the clean energy source, which currently costs approximately two cents more per kilowatt-hour than its polluting counterparts.

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